4 Languages to make your video viral!

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2020 is the age of digitization and communication. It is a time where people use technology on the go, using interne for anything they need. News, entertainment, work, shopping, education, we are online for an incredible amount of time. This clearly states that today, the internet is the main way of communication. If one wants to convey a message to mass audiences, this is probably the best way.

Videos are one of the most popular way to communicate. Audio visual media are easy to digest, entertaining and engaging.

Although a video in Italian can be understood by only 64 million of the 7.8 billion people on earth, localization will play a crucial role to convey the message properly.

According to the leading video translation services, one should realize that this world is divided on the basis of languages and if you want your video to go viral and be understood, you have to translate your content into different languages. Subtitles, voice-over or dubbing, the choice is yours. Now, which are the 4 most spoken languages?

Top 4 Languages to make your video viral!

  1. Chinese Language

Most spoken language on earth, it’s worth it to localize your content in Chinese. There are about 1.2 billion native speakers and 1 billion Mandarin speakers.

  1. Spanish Language

With 400 million native speakers around the world, you video with a Spanish Voice Over or dubbing will be understood in every continent. There are Spanish speakers in large part of the USA, Ahem, Spain, South and Central America.

  1. English Language

There is no doubt about this. Experts for video translation services explain that most of the tech savvy people use the English language. There are almost 380 million speakers of this language and we keep counting. Localizing content in English is a must, as it is the third most spoken language, and the most common second language people will learn.

  1. Hindi Language

Hindi is not only the official language in India, but also in several states in the area. Hindi is one of the widely recognized languages of the world whose native speakers reside in every part of the world. Moreover, India is the second largest user of the internet after the US. Indeed, it makes complete sense to get your video translated into the Hindi language, and cover a large part of the world population.

While those 4 languages are very important, the choice of languages in your localization plan will depends on several factors.

Regardless of the language you choose, it is crucial to keep in mind that professional localization services are a must. Precision, cultural awareness and experience are keywords when it comes to localization.

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