How to hire a professional voice talent?

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players, said Shakespeare.

In day to day life and in our relationships with friends and family, we play different roles. While our actions and body language speak our mind, our voice will convey our real feelings. The words and intonation we choose, along with our voice are the best way to express ourselves and convey a message.

Therefore, for professional assignments where the message needs to be conveyed perfectly, choosing the perfect voices is critical.

Professional voice artists can lend their voice to dub animation or life action movie, as well as performing voice-over for e-learning, documentaries, corporate training or commercials.

So why is it better to hire a professional voice from a localization company?

  • Hundreds of voices to choose from

A localization company will be able to submit several voice samples to choose from. Man or woman? Bass or Soprano? Young or older? You will find whatever you need.

  • Any language

In need of a voice in Spanish or Farsi? The project manager will find the relevant artist with perfect accent for your project. No spelling problems, no need to deal with several service providers. You talk to one person and get any language you need. Managing all your multilingual projects saves you time, money, and hassle!

  • Test the voice on your content

Once you choose your voices, you can ask for a quick voice test on your content, to make sure the voice fits with your project. You can give some direction regarding the style, diction, speed, etc.

  • Secure & Fast Solution

You can easily check that the service provider has the required experience to manage your voice over or dubbing needs. This way, you are sure to get the best result possible, and on time! Because peace of mind is everything!

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