Post Production

At Perfect voices, we  develop your projects through the entire post-production process from concept to final stages, through all the post-production process. Our in-house team will deliver a finished project, ready to broadcast. Creating a straightforward workflow, we make even the most complicated projects simple for YOU.


Alongside that our online department can:

  • Fix frames (lens correction, special tracking and masking, deleting unwanted objects from a frame)
  • Create graphics and animation in multiple languages,
  • Colour correct, to put the final touch and make your video perfect.


Our sound department will take care of your hears. We can record narration in multiple languages, create a soundtrack and folly effects, and any FX and sound editing required.

We also work with the very latest software on the market including After effects, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Da Vinci Desolve or Mocha Pro.

Hundreds of voices in any language

Find the perfect voice!

Audio & video editing

Artwork & graphics creation

Mastering & Mixing

Sound design & SFX

Color editing

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