Subtitles and Translation

Going hand in hand, our subtitles and translations services allows you to utterly outsource your localization needs.

A cost efficient way to engage your audience in different languages, subtitles makes your content more  accessible to native viewers and helps you reach entirely new markets around the world. With Perfect Voices, your media can attain a global reach.

 Sourcing specialised  translators in any field and language, we make your content culturally sensitive and adapted to any country. We are able to deliver outstanding content for almost every type of media including broadcast, e-learning, OTT or corporate training. Providing end to end localization solutions, our team of skilled video editors will also help you with on-screen translation and graphics.

Frankly, we are ruddy proud of our turnover that sees us work efficiently and methodically with the biggest TV broadcasters. With one of the highest turnovers in the industry, we deliver large multilingual projects to even the tightest deadlines, and this, on a daily basis.

Hundreds of voices in any language

Find the perfect voice!

Specialized translations for all industries

95 languages

Forced subtitles

Closed Captions/ SDH

Content subtitles

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